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We fix. We maintain. We install. Give us a call!

Smooth Appliances = Smooth Life

Have you ever stopped to wonder what your life would be like without your fridge? Your dishwasher? Your microwave or garbage disposal? Without question, the kitchen is the heart of every home—a place where appliances create a kind of magic. Just think of the memories your appliances make happen, every day! Dozens of cookies bake in ovens. Teakettles cheerfully whistle on stovetops. Icemakers produce cool drinks on demand. Hungry teens raid refrigerators and freezers—then finish homework to the soothing hum of the dishwasher. And when things get a little messy…well, washers and dryers are on standby for quick cleanups! Yep, the kitchen has long been the favorite gathering spot for family and friends, food and fun. When your appliances run smoothly, life runs smoothly.

But when they don’t…

When compressors blow (and fans don’t!), when the disposal is jammed and the dishwasher is leaking and the only thing the icemaker is making is noise, Service Depot will get you back on track! A premier appliance repair service since 2001, Service Depot Appliance Repair proudly serves residences and businesses in the northern Utah area. Our qualified team stands ready to fix any kitchen or laundry appliance in need of any kind of attention—whatever its make, model, or age may be. We have the skills. We have the tools. We have the experience. And we have the desire to help.

Quick Response

In our busy, modern world, an appliance malfunction is inconvenient at best and catastrophic at worst. So when you call for help, we’ll respond quickly to restore your appliance back to its crucial role in your household rhythm! Because we are mobile and strictly in-home, we are able to offer extremely fast and affordable repairs and/or installation. Our knowledgeable and trustworthy employees return every call in a timely manner, and then efficiently repair your appliance while treating your home with the utmost respect. And because we don’t sell products ourselves, we focus on service and not on making a sale.


Affordable Rates

Service Depot maintains a very low overhead, allowing us to pass significant savings on to you—our valued customer. Billing is based on a flat-rate system: we astutely assess what the repair will need and then provide quotes to the exact penny, whether the repair is a routine inspection, a quick-fix, or an in-depth overhaul. We’re confident in our knowledge and experience, and offer a one-year service warranty on all of our repairs. After all, you count on your appliances to keep your home running smoothly—you shouldn’t have to count your pennies.



Staying Up-to-Date

Nothing changes faster than technology, and domestic machines are no exception! Kitchen and laundry appliances are continually evolving with the “latest and greatest” bells and whistles. Because of this, it’s our high priority to stay educated so that we have the up-to-date knowledge and technological know-how to service every appliance you have (or would like to have)!

Staying up-to-date is about looking to the future—and that includes routine maintenance to maximize efficiency and minimize energy waste. So give us a call before your appliances act up, and we’ll be glad to keep them fine-tuned and in prime condition. As Benjamin Franklin (who, undoubtedly, would have greatly appreciated our modern-day appliances) said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It’s so much easier to maintain appliances than to fix them, so give us a call and let us inspect and service your appliances—before they go on strike!

Give Us a Call!

Nothing is more frustrating than a machine going out at exactly the wrong time—disrupting your day and complicating your life. And though your appliances may leave you in the lurch, Service Depot won’t! We stand firmly on our solid foundation, and there’s no problem we can’t tackle. We fix. We maintain. We install. So give us a call! We’ll be right there to restore you to the flow and hum of a happy home.

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