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Happy Temps = Happy Habitat

Temperature and airflow are key factors in transforming a house into a home—a warm and welcoming refuge on cold winter nights and a cool haven on hot summer days. What a modern-day wonder it is to have your climate directly under your control! Cool breezes and cozy pockets of warmth are quite literally yours to command, all brought to you by your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Most of us don’t consciously think of our HVAC systems much—we set our household thermostats and go about our day, certain that our trusty furnaces and vents and central air conditioners will keep us comfortable. And they do—day after day, night after night, weeks and months and years on end. But when you’re freezing in the winter, or burning in the summer… Service Depot has YOU covered!



Our Services

Service Depot serves residences and businesses in the northern Utah area and employs certified, licensed technicians who stand ready to help with all of your HVAC needs. In fact, we’re so confident in our knowledge and experience that we offer a100% satisfaction guarantee! Because we know how inconvenient and distressing HVAC problems can be, our team responds to every call in a timely manner to restore relief and well being as quickly as possible. And because we are mobile and strictly in-home, we’re able to offer efficient service and affordable rates. Whether the problem is large or small, give us a call!


Utah is a wonderful place to call home—that’s why we live here! But everyone knows it sure can get cold in the winter. Your heater isn’t a luxury; it’s a vital necessity. And our licensed heating professionals at Service Depot are happy to help with all of your heating needs, from complete overhauls to minor tune-ups. It’s important that your furnace is operating both safely and efficiently—safely for the well being of your family, and efficiently to reduce utility costs. And trust us, we can service anything your furnace needs: heat pump repairs, cleaning, coil and duct sanitation, filter replacements, proper venting, blower operations, flame sensors, air filters, motor lubrication, burner and thermostat adjustments…you name it, we can do it! We’re also glad to provide seasonal safety inspections, including checking for carbon monoxide leaks. When it comes to all things furnace, we can review, we can repair, and we can replace.


Simply put, your ventilation system’s job is to move and distribute air throughout your ducts and vents—bringing healthy air in and pushing unhealthy air out. Good ventilation is a vital part of keeping your home energy efficient throughout the year, reducing heating and cooling costs. But it’s not just about saving money (although we all like to do that!). The air we breathe, whether on those “yellow” and “red” inversion days or during the allergy seasons, greatly affects our health. The technicians at Service Depot are dedicated to improving your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) through our air filtration and purification services. We’ll get things flowing to keep you going!

Air Conditioning

What a wonderful thing it is to walk into a nice, cool house on a hot summer day—the relief is instant and oh-so welcome. But when something goes wrong with your cooling system, both temperatures and tempers can rise in a hurry! Service Depot is ready to respond to your calls quickly, and we can service anything your air conditioning system needs. We’ll check Freon levels and the amp draw of the compressor, oil the fan motors, adjust belts, replace parts…we can do it all, from complete installation to troubleshooting to routine maintenance. We’ll get your AC unit up and humming in no time—helping you to keep your cool!

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