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We fix. We maintain. We install. Give us a call!

Magic Carpet

Carpets with magical properties are the stuff of fairy tales and legends—but in reality, carpet does have power. Just think of a carpet’s unique ability to completely transform a room, simply by being installed! Color, texture and pile all combine to add depth and warmth, elevating our spaces from bare and stark to warm and inviting. Nothing’s crozier on tired toes than plushy, soft carpet—and nothing adds a touch of home like just the right rug. After that new-carpet smell fades away, that new-carpet look should last on and on…


That’s why regular carpet maintenance and cleaning is so very important. The better we care for our carpets, upholstery, and rugs, the longer they’ll last. Carpet and furniture take the brunt of our everyday living! From Popsicle spills and pet accidents to high foot traffic and muddy shoes, our living spaces are continually bombarded with dirt, dust, hair, and other harmful elements…all day, every day. If not cleaned regularly, dirt and debris are eventually ground into carpet, firmly lodging in the fibers to create an unsightly stain. And just as beautiful, clean carpet adds the right splash of class and comfort to any building, soiled carpet adds the wrong splash of shabby!

Our Services

The good news is that Service Depot can help with all of your carpet cleaning needs, including rugs, upholstery, and hard flooring. A premier repair company since 2001, Service Depot is ready to clean the carpets of any business or residence in the greater Ogden area. It’s amazing the difference a good cleaning can make! Soils and stains disappear; color is revitalized; pile becomes fluffy again; and, best of all, you have the peace of mind that grimy gunk is no longer trapped in your floor coverings. The trusted technicians at Service Depot are fully equipped to professionally clean your carpet—including light, moderate, and heavy soil conditions—all without harsh chemicals or residue. Our team quickly responds to every call we receive. We offer efficient service, affordable rates, and a quick drying time, so go ahead! Call us on your carpet.

Our Methods

There are many ways to clean a carpet, and Service Depot proudly uses the Butler System—the industry standard. In fact, we are one of the few businesses in the state that can boast of using this state-of-the-art method! The Butler System is a multi-use carpet, fabric, and hard surface cleaning and restoration machine, mounted to the floor of our trucks and vans. This high-performance system cleans carpets much more effectively than an independent unit; for one thing, the hot water extraction of our truck-mounted machine is capable of very high water temperatures. These hot temperatures, exceeding 220 degrees, make washing agents more active—killing germs without having to use many chemicals. Our high-pressure pump facilitates a greater removal of soil, while the powerful suction of the vacuum absorbs a large amount of water, leading to a fast drying time. The large tanks, mounted in our vehicles, allow us to work unencumbered and efficiently—without stopping frequently to fill and empty portable containers. Our satisfied customers can attest to our professionally effective use of our top-of-the-line Butler System! We’ll get the job done quickly and well, leaving you with clean and beautiful carpets, rugs, upholstery, and more.

Pet Peeves

We all love our pets—they’re a valuable part of the family! But most of us aren’t crazy about the messes pets can make, especially on our carpet and upholstery. The fact is, some of these odors and stains require professional care! Service Depot will easily remove pet smells and messes, using certified products that are safe for children (both the two-legged and four-legged variety)!

A Tough Spot

No matter how carefully we try to live, spills are inevitable—and they happen everywhere. No surface is immune to a spill, and when they happen on carpet, upholstery, or rugs, that little “oops” can result in an ugly and discolored spot! Service Depot will safely and effectively remove even your toughest spots, keeping your home or office looking its very best.


It’s a fine thing to have furniture—and it’s even better to have your furniture looking fine! Our deep fiber upholstery cleaning can remove stains and everyday debris from your fabric and leather furniture, keeping them fresh and like new! From removing stains to applying protectant, we’ve got what it takes to uphold your upholstery!